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JEWELLERY AGENT/DIAMOND BROKERright to be online franchise, own an independent link website of the company with purpose of selling jewellery items and certified polished diamonds and limited refined & certified stamped gold locally and internationally.

JEWELLERY AGENT/DIAMOND BROKER are ordinary people who bought  selling online franchise to sell jewellery pieces and certified polished diamonds and refined gold with a purpose of gaining the maximum profits. These are people whom are cleared with us on our database clearance. They undergo training and have access to use company’s proxy licences to sell certified polished diamonds.


Depending on individual ability and commitment in growing his/her business, other:

  • Agents or Brokers will grow to a point where one will own an independent outlet in a city or town of a choice.
  • Other agents or brokers can venture in mining activities that the company is operating on it.
  • Diamonds are stable, high yield investments, the values of which have the potential to withstand economic downturns, inflation and currency devaluations that directly impact the price of oil, gold, or cash. Diamonds become a hedge against inflation, and will actually increase and maintain value in times of deflation. Diamonds are discreet wealth and most stable investment for the last decades with constant growth in price, THUS one will access them with purpose of holding as investment.

NOW more and more people and couples alike buy rare genuine jewellery pieces and loose diamonds on the retail market, but now there's a movement to create a way for individual to indulge in certified precious stones and precious metals.


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