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Moepagauta consulting 53 t/a UKUMBA IGOLIDE

UKUMBA IGOLIDE it’s a company of Mineral Trader Group. It is formally registered with CIPC.

Moepagauta consulting 53 t/a UKUMBA IGOLIDE is an administration and facilitation company on diamond trading and commodity investment opportunities on behalf of merchants. The company manages the merchants accounts in tradings of commodities.

Merchants are ordinary people who make profit out of commodities earnings without touching merchandise or being involved in dealings and physical tradings. Tradings are on loose certified polished diamonds. Merchants trade every fortnight and they get their payouts every 2nd week of trading. In other instances it can be weekly depending on stock available of polished diamonds.

HOW TO BE A MERCHANT (online link in a FORM to fill)


Sightholders are ordinary people who are buying certified polished diamonds and refined gold with a purpose of owning the commodity as an assets and selling at later stage when it has yield in value thus it payout maximum profits. These are people whom are cleared with us on our database clearance. They will physically own the merchandise but will be kept at the vaults or safe deposit box of their choice.

HOW TO BE A SIGHTHOLDER (online link in a FORM to fill)

Established: 2006

Area: Pretoria and Durban

Core Business:

  • administrating and facilitation of diamond investment funds managers
  • managing the tradings of certified polished diamonds, gold and rare exclusive jewellery pieces
  • managing the accounts for merchants and sightholders


  • 08 members

Permanent Staff

  • 12

Assets Value:

  • R 5.4 million

Our Clients

  • By Invitation


  • Only by appointments to clients who are cleared and they are on our database clearance