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BIG6 GENERAL STOKVEL it’s a company of Mineral Trader Group. It is formally registered with CIPC.

Big6 General Stokvel was formed in year 2000 by various community members whom most of them were members of various stokvels where they save funds annually with aim of sharing the profits at the end of every year. The company has grown to a point where members were at the level that they were looking for best investment portfolios, and that is where Big6 accommodated this savings clubs in communities. But beyond stokvels savings portfolios, the company is empowering communities to be involved in mineral industry by being involved of commodities investment portfolios that yield better returns than any formal financial institution.

Core Business:

  • community investment  platform for stokvels and organised social clubs to financially benefit out the mineral industry
  • awareness and promoting mineral industry to ordinary citizen about diamonds, gold and jewellery as valuable assets to buy into
  • teach and workshop ordinary people that mineral industry  is not as its been portrayed in movies


  • 05 members

Permanent Staff

  • 05


  • 02 employees

Assets Value:

  • R 2.2 million

Stokvels/Saving Clubs Number

  • 08

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